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OMGiana and Unyque Tha Freak

Unyque was taking a shower getting ready to go out But Giana had other plans for him. What started in the bathroom soon lead to the bedroom for an epic fuck.

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After Hours Fuck with Lyric Sky

It was late maybe 1 or 2 am and Lyric was still horny trying to reach her quota of 3 nuts a day.

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Harmony and Miss Feed Me are some of Mr. Nuttz Top producers… His top Bitches. Unfortunately, they have not been bringing the dollars lately.

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Gianna and The Belt

Gianna was a naughty girl and she knew it When she got that way there is one thing she needs… an appointment with Big Max

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Nikki Lately and Pussy Bandit

It has been a while since Nikki had a dick up her ass. Pussy Bandit aka Johnathan Jordan is just the man to do the job.

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Lady Onyx Showertime with Wayne Wood

Wayne was late for work. But had to get that Nut before he takes off

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Milan Blu Survey

Milan Blu was scouring the neighborhood looking for potential hook-ups under the guise of a survey for a fictional company

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Melody Tied up

Melody thinks she is alone until Max shows up and ties up this petite slut

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Richard Mann and Nikki Lately

We just finished a Photo Shoot But Richard Mann can’t keep his dick down so He takes Nikki Lately to the back room to finish what they started.

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Kay Kush Disipline

Kay Kush Been a Bad Bitch and Need a Little punishment from Big Max #spank #Discipline

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